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RETS Data Feeds to Sunset May 31, 2023

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RANW MLS is now on the GRID! Thank you to those of you who have already made the transition from RETS to API!

RANW MLS has aligned with a company called MLS GRID for assistance with Data Feed Management. MLS will be transitioning data distribution technology from RETS to WEB API.

RETS sunset - The use of current RETS feeds, other than for WIREX, will be available through May 31, 2023, to allow vendors time to transition to use of API.

All Vendors are encouraged to begin transitioning existing RETS feeds to Web API as soon as possible. RETS access for RANW MLS data will only be available until May 31, 2023. Participants should contact their website Vendors now to transition to API.

API Data Feeds - In order for Brokers and their vendors to use the new API services, they will need to create an account on MLS GRID. 
https://www.mlsgrid.com/resources This will allow parties to electronically sign up for what types of data feeds they want and also electronically sign the Data Agreements.

  • RANW MLS will review and approve these agreements and MLS GRID will give Vendors access to the data.
  • MLS GRID is currently being used by many of the Vendors our members are using today, so they may already be familiar with this new process. If your Vendor is not already part of the GRID, they can visit mlsgrid.com/resources for How-To information.

Data Agreements - New RANW MLS Data Agreements for data feeds via RETS have been updated to comply with the new NAR MLS Rules. The new Data Agreements for API will also comply with the newest NAR MLS policies and can be found on mlsgrid.com.

ShowingTime- You need do nothing about ShowingTime. Their conversion has already been addressed. Why the need for these data feed changes?:

Why Web API: RETS is an outdated standard that is being retired and replaced with Web API. In addition, NAR requires that MLS's transition to Web API.

  • Benefits to Brokers: The combination of a streamlined compliance process and a modern Web API should reduce overall technology costs for brokerages.
  • Benefits to Vendors: Vendors working in multiple markets can reduce expenses due to a standard Web API, one standard license agreement, one combined data feed, and simplified compliance enforcement.
  • What is MLS GRID: MLS GRID is a collaboration between multiple MLSs to combine, standardize and distribute data via a Web API using the latest RESO Standards. MLS GRID brings data from these MLSs into a single data feed and uses a common data access agreement that is completed by data vendors, brokers and MLS, and stored electronically.

RANW MLS will not charge a set-up fee to the current MLS Participant/Company as they transition their existing data feeds to API. MLS fees for data services overall are being revised beginning in February, but to reiterate, no set-up fees will be charged to existing RETS feeds transitioning to API. See the New Data Feed Fees Effective February 2023.