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Have you ever wanted to serve on a highly fulfilling, mind altering, life changing RANW committee? (I may have exaggerated a bit but the networking connections and sense of accomplishment are nothing to sneeze at.) NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!
Beginning in January, we will be offering membership positions in the majority of our current committees. Plus, we will have two new committees we are very excited about: the Communications Committee and a YPN (Young Professionals Network).
Why participate on a RANW committee? How about networking, helping your communities, strengthening your industry, protecting property rights for the public and possibly becoming a future leader of the RANW organization? Just to name a few!
Please click on the link below if you are interested. There, you will find committee descriptions and you will be able to submit which committees you are most interested in.
Once we hit the deadline for applications, applicants will be submitted for committee appointments which will be released early January.
We would love to work with you!