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Discounts to Members

Members have a value-added benefit of discount rates and additional benefits through RANW, WRA and NAR on business-related services. Partners offer discounts ranging from:

  • Computers/Printers
  • Rental Cars
  • Insurance
  • Internet Services
  • Office Products
  • Publications/Books
  • Promotional Items

WRA’s Member Benefits
Call WRA at 800-279-1972
or click on

NAR’s REALTOR® Benefits
Call NAR at 1-800-874-6500
or click on

-Content Provided by the National Association of REALTORS® and the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association

zipFORMS (Lone WOLF Technologies) Customer Support: 866-279-9653



Your ZipLogix Benefit

The National Association of REALTORS® and zipLogix partner together to provide ZipForm Plus and ZipTMS as a member benefit at no cost to all NAR members. 

Complete real estate forms with ease: use ZipForm, an electronic forms program created by ZipLogix. All DSPS-approved real estate forms, WRA-related forms and select State Bar forms are available on ZipForm. See more information at the ZipForm Information Center.

As a WRA REALTOR® or section member, you will also gain access to ZipForm Mobile and have an unlimited subscription to ZipLogix Digital Ink free of charge.

Each February, zipForm requires you to renew your subscription. When opening up your zipForm account, you will see a notification to renew your subscription. Renewal is easy when you follow along with the zipForm renewal instructions.

Not into videos? Check out the how-to pdf HERE.

zipForms (Lone Wolf) Support: 866-279-9653

WRA PDF Forms Library Subscription - (To be used in programs such as DotLoop)

The WRA has a PDF subscription program available for member offices that will allow them access to clean, unlocked versions of the new forms (and the rest of the forms library) for use in DotLoop and other vendors outside of zipForms. The WRA's subscription-based PDF forms library features over 100 forms, including all current state-approved (WB) and WRA-copyrighted forms.

To subscribe, the member must be the Designated REALTOR® for the office. Enroll HERE.

The use of transaction management software is now more prevalent than ever in real estate, resulting in an increased demand for electronic versions of WRA-copyrighted forms outside of zipForms and traditional hard-copy formats. 

How it works

The WRA forms library is offered as an annual subscription service only available for purchase by the designated REALTOR® (DR) of a member office. Upon purchase, a licensing agreement will be signed by the DR who will be responsible for overseeing the use of the library as all of the DR’s member agents will gain unlimited access to the library through a WRA website portal. The subscription allows users to download the entire forms library at once or any specific form in PDF format.

In addition to providing the most current WB and WRA-copyrighted forms, the forms library includes revision updates as well as email revision notifications to Designated Realtors.

Click HERE for a list of forms available.


  • Access to the WRA forms library is $300 annually. 

Additional questions

  • For additional questions, contact the WRA’s business services department at 1-800-279-1972.

DocuSign Benefit from NAR:

DocuSign is the National Association of REALTORS® official and exclusive provider of electronic signature services under the REALTOR Benefits® Program. DocuSign services are easy-to-use and accessible at any time, from any desktop or mobile device. Click here for more information about this popular electronic signature service program.

Did you know that zipForms has electronic signature services built in? Not only does zipForms offer AuthentiSign (for free) inside the program, but also includes SIGNiX. If DocuSign is purchased by the member, DocuSign is then included in your choices in zipForms E-Sign Transactions. Click here to find out How to send an e-signature packet with zipForms.

Promotional Products

RANW carries a line of promotional items for REALTORS® to promote the industry and themselves. Whether to assist you in your day-to-day business or as closing gifts, we’re sure to have an item that’s perfect for you!

Click here to view Promotional Items.