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LIM Tips and Tricks

Tips, Tricks, and Avoiding Errors

There are things you can do to make entering and updating your listings easier and less prone to errors. Follow the tips and tricks below and spend less time on the computer.

Use a Data Sheet.

Data Sheets include help tips, explanations, and rules reminders that – when used by LIM offices for listing entry – reduce the number and occurrence of errors when saving the listing.

You don’t have to write out the full and complete municipality name or the text of every remarks field, but make sure you have data for every required field. Note your room dimensions, the source code for any data requiring one, square footages, and any “other-see remarks” details that you do need to spell out in Remarks. If there are inclusions or exclusions, note those on the data sheet so you – or the person who enters listings for you – has that information.

ALL Required Fields as noted on the data sheet MUST be completed to save the listing to the MLS. Some fields link to other fields, which become required based on the first field’s answer. Notes on the data sheet will remind you to complete this additional required information; LIM will give you error messages if you omit any required information. Incomplete listings should be saved as partial listings until all required data/photos/documents have been entered.

Open All LIM Containers when entering data:

At the top of the LIM entry screen there is an Open All option – this expands the individual listing data containers and allows you to tab or scroll through the entire screen without having to stop and open the next area.

Use your TAB Key:

Learn to TAB from one field to the next. This keeps your hands on the keyboard and speeds up your listing entry. If you are using a data sheet, you can see what the next field and answer option is, so you can TAB into a field, press a letter (first letter of your city, municipality, a Yes or No answer) or numbers as applicable without stopping to grab your mouse to click a button or pull-down menu for an answer option.

DO NOT USE the “Required Only” button:

If you click the Required Only button to see only the fields marked Required, you will have multiple errors when you try to save your listing. Some fields become required based on answers to other fields, and you will not see those under Required Only. Example: Room dimensions and levels cannot be marked as Required because no one knows which are included until the agent completes the information. Other examples include Waterfront fields, New Construction fields, and certain Features based on data field options chosen.

Are there Delayed Showings?

You should skip the Delayed Showings Yes/No field until you are ready to save the listing to the MLS; it does not need to be completed to save a partial listing, and members cannot change the field after it’s been saved. (If you entered and saved the wrong answer, you must call Data Compliance so they can update the information BEFORE the listing is confirmed.) If there are Delayed Showings, entering Delayed Showings=Yes will prompt for the Showings Begin Date to be entered. The Delayed Showings form is then required as an Associated Document, to be uploaded when the listing is saved to MLS.

How Early Can I Enter My Listing?

The listing data with the listing contract can be entered/saved to Paragon as early as after 5pm on the day before the list date. Save the listing as a partial until the allowed date/time when you can retrieve the partial listing and save it to the MLS.

Which Photos are Required?

  • The Main Listing Photo must be uploaded to the listing before it can be saved to the MLS.
  • If there is finished below-grade square footage, at least one photo of that area must be uploaded to the listing and/or it must be shown in a virtual tour.
  • All Waterfront listings require a GIS/map photo.

Which Documents are Required?

That depends on the listing. The Listing Contract pages always need to be uploaded to the listing; that is the trigger that will prompt Data Compliance to review and confirm the listing. Data Compliance will not review a listing if the Listing Contract has not been uploaded.

Other required documents may include forms that support:

  • Late Listing Waiver
  • Office Exclusive
  • Delayed Showings
  • Limited Service
  • Auction

Verify Your Mapping:

Manually geocode (map) the listing. This can be done during listing entry by clicking the Verify Mapping link. Only use Verify Mapping once. Use the geocoding tool under the Select An Action link if you want to double-check the mapped location; using the Verify Mapping tool on the LM screen will reset the map to the original location.

AFTER SAVING THE LISTING TO MLS and generating the MLS Number:

  • Do not edit or change the listing until Data Compliance has confirmed it. You should not save a listing to MLS until it is ready to go live. All data should be doublechecked while the listing is still a Partial Listing and any corrections made before the data is saved and an MLS number generated.
  • If members notice a major error that needs to be corrected before the listing goes “live”, a change can be attempted BUT if an error appears that notes someone else is editing the listing, the member must back out of the listing and NOT SAVE THEIR CHANGES.
  • If the error appears, wait at least 20 minutes before trying again.
  • If you ignore the error and save the listing anyway, you will likely have turned your Confirmed listing into an Unconfirmed listing. Once this is discovered, Data Compliance will have to repeat the work they did to confirm your listing the first time, again slowing down listing processing for all members.

Common Data Errors:


  • The fields for Baths Finished Full and Baths Finished Half are tied to the bathroom fields describing the level each bath is on. If the cross-checked fields don’t match the Full or Half Bath numbers or are left blank when they shouldn’t be, an error will prompt agents to fill in the data correctly.


  • The number of Bedrooms field is tied to the Bedroom Dimensions and Levels fields. If the number of described Bedrooms doesn’t match the total number of bedrooms or are left blank when they shouldn’t be, an error will prompt agents to fill in the data correctly.
  • If Bedroom #1 is on the Main level, agents must also select the feature MF8 (Primary Bed/Bath Features – Primary Bed 1st Floor). Many agents incorrectly respond to the error by selecting the Primary Bath feature. Read each error message carefully – it will tell you exactly what you need to do.

SQUARE FOOTAGE – particularly related to Below-Grade:

  • If you are reporting finished below-grade square footage, a photo of the finished below-grade area (or inclusion of the area in a virtual tour) is required.
  • If any FINISHED room dimensions are displayed in the Lower Level or Basement, the reported Est. Finished Below Grade Square Footage amount CANNOT be Zero. The only exception to this rule is for a finished bathroom
  • Finished space must be heated, have finished walls, have a finished ceiling (no exposed floor joists), and have finished floor (painted concrete walls or floors does not count). If one of these four components is missing, the space may still be counted as “finished square feet”, but disclosure of the missing component must be included in the Public Remarks.
  • If below-grade finished square footage is reported, then in the Lower Level Feature, agents must note whether the finished area is Contiguous or Non-Contiguous. Contiguous means that all finished areas run together with no unfinished area between. If there are unfinished areas between finished areas, choose Non-Contiguous.

CONFIRMED vs UNCONFIRMED Listing Visibility:

Listings are entered into Paragon with a Listing Visibility of “Unconfirmed”. While Unconfirmed, the only people who can see the listing are the Listing Agent, listing company broker/manager/office assistant, and MLS staff. Unconfirmed listings are not sent out in data feeds, and are not available to vendors like Showing Time, Zillow, or until the listing is confirmed by Data Compliance staff. Unconfirmed listings cannot be viewed by other agents, do not appear in Collab Center carts, cannot be emailed (the listing will not be visible to recipient) or shared to Facebook via Paragon.

All listings are processed on a first-in, first-out basis during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays) regardless of how they are submitted. If you are wondering if your listing has been confirmed, you can find the Listing Visibility field on the All Fields Detail report/display in Paragon.

If there are errors or missing information (including required photos or forms) on a listing, Data Compliance will contact the listing agent/office for corrections. Once corrections are made, the listing will be processed by the new date/time of the correction. Please note: Whenever the Data Compliance team must stop to contact a listing agent/office for missing information of any kind, listing processing is slowed for all members.

Make sure to review the documentation Submit A Listing – Details for more listing entry help!