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Submit a Listing - Details

What You Need to Know – Rules, Forms, and Reminders

Use a Data Sheet to gather your listing information together. (Recommended for ALL members).

Data Sheets include help tips, explanations, and rules reminders that – when used by LIM offices for listing entry – reduce the number and occurrence of errors when saving the listing.

Submission Timeline:

See RANW MLS Rules & Regulations, Section 4.3 FILING AND REPORTING PROCEDURES for complete information.
See Section 4 of MLS Rules.

Publicly Marketed Listing: Within one (1) business day of marketing a property to the public, the listing broker must submit the listing to RANW MLS for cooperation with other MLS Participants.(See Clear Cooperation Rules for details:

Listing Not Publicly Marketed: Listings that are not yet publicly marketed shall be submitted to RANW MLS by midnight of the fifth (5th) business day after the later of the list date or the date of the first seller signature (as indicated on the listing contract) for Residential, Condo, Multifamily, Vacant land, or by midnight of the tenth (10th) business day for Commercial properties.

For all listings: The Listing Contract (first and last page) must be included with the listing. Listing Maintenance (LM) users will upload the Listing Contract to their listing using the Listing Contract private document category; non-LM users will send the contract to Data Compliance with the completed data sheet.

Late Listing Waiver Form ( - The Late Listing Waiver Form can be used to request waiver of fines for a listing that is late due to certain specific reasons noted on the form. The waiver form should be submitted as soon as the listing agent or company realizes they will not meet the listing submission rule of the 5th business day following the listing date (10th day for Commercial listings) as noted above. Do not wait until the listing is already late or no waiver will be granted. Please note: Listings for which marketing has begun are subject to WILL NOT be considered for a late listing allowance.

All required fields as shown on the data sheet must be completed before a listing can be saved to the MLS database. Listings are processed in date/time order received, regardless of the method of listing submission (entered by Data Compliance or submitted via LM).

Listing Submission Process:

For LM Offices– Listing Submission is done via the Listing Maintenance tool in Paragon:
(Joining the LM program is a company-wide decision. For information on LM and how your company can join the LM program, click HERE.)

In Paragon, go under Listings > Add Listing and choose the correct property class

Enter the listing data, saving as a partial listing until everything is ready to save the full listing to the MLS


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Skip the Delayed Showings Yes/No field until you are ready to save the listing to the MLS; it does not need to be completed to save a partial listing, and members cannot change the field after it’s been saved.
  • The listing can be entered/saved to Paragon as early as after 4:30pm on the day before the list date. Do Not Upload the Listing Contract until the list date itself.
  • The Main Listing Photo must be uploaded to the listing before it can be saved to the MLS. If there is finished below-grade square footage, at least one photo of that area must be uploaded to the listing and/or it must be shown in a virtual tour. All Waterfront listings require a GIS/map photo.
  • All required Documents must be uploaded to the listing. Data Compliance will not review a listing if the Listing Contract has not been uploaded.
  • Manually geocode (map) the listing. Use the geocoding tool under the Select An Action link if you want to double-check the mapped location; using the mapping tool on the LM screen will reset the map to the original location.
  • For county and state highways, please enter the legal address into the property address 1 field and in property address 2, please record as HWY. (Ex. HWY JJ)

LM: AFTER SAVING THE LISTING TO MLS and generating the MLS Number:

  • Do not edit or change the listing until Data Compliance has confirmed it. If members notice a major error that needs to be corrected, a change can be attempted BUT if an error appears that notes someone else is editing the listing, the member must back out of the listing and NOT SAVE THEIR CHANGES. If the error appears, wait at least 20 minutes before trying again. If members ignore this warning, any updates – including confirming the listing – could be rolled back. This would make a listing invisible to members even though it might be showing on outside websites or with outside vendors.

For Non-LM Offices: Email your completed data sheet, listing contract pages, and all other required forms to Data Compliance ( as a single PDF file under 8Mb in size (do not send photos/images). Data Compliance will enter the listing into an “Unconfirmed” listing visibility, and then contact you to upload your listing photos and map the listing. Once you have uploaded photos and mapped your listing, Data Compliance will process the listing confirmation.

Unconfirmed vs Confirmed Listing Visibility:
Listings are entered into Paragon with a Listing Visibility of “Unconfirmed”. While Unconfirmed, the only people who can see the listing are the Listing Agent, listing company broker/manager/office assistant, and MLS staff. Unconfirmed listings are not sent out in data feeds, and are not available to vendors like Showing Time, Zillow, or until the listing is confirmed by Data Compliance staff. Unconfirmed listings cannot be viewed by other agents, do not appear in Collab Center carts, and cannot be emailed (listing will not be visible to recipient) or shared to Facebook via Paragon.

All listings are processed on a first-in, first-out basis during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (excluding holidays) regardless of how they are submitted. If you are wondering if your listing has been confirmed, you can find the Listing Visibility field on the All Fields Detail report in Paragon.

If there are errors or missing information (including required photos or forms) on an Unconfirmed listing, Data Compliance will contact the listing agent/office for corrections. Once corrections are made, the listing will be processed by the new date/time of the correction. Please note: Whenever the Data Compliance team must stop to contact a listing agent/office for missing information of any kind, listing processing is slowed for all members.

Listing Photos:

Required Photos are to be uploaded to the listing before it will be confirmed and visible in MLS.

  • The main property photo must be of the exterior of the home/property being listed.
  • If finished below-grade square footage is reported a photo (or virtual tour) that shows the finished below-grade area is also required.
  • All Waterfront listings must include a GIS/map image showing the location of the property in proximity to the body of water. This GIS/Map image must be uploaded as a listing photo; members may also include it as a document, but the photo is still required.

Listing photos must have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 960. Accepted file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png. The maximum file upload size is 20MB (files will be compressed to 125K). Members may upload up to 90 total images per listing. For best results, photos should be in landscape format (vs portrait style).

Required Forms (in certain situations):

Office Exclusive: Seller Authorization form should be used if the seller requests the property not be entered in the MLS; listing contract and data form should still be submitted to MLS within 5 business days of the list date as noted on the contract, along with the exemption form.

Delayed Showings: Seller Authorization form should be used if the seller requests that showings on a property not be scheduled until a certain date; listing contract and data form should still be submitted to MLS within 5 business days of the list date as noted on the contract, along with the Delayed Showings form.

Limited Service Listing Attachment - Must be completed and submitted/uploaded as a PDF document with any listing marked Limited Service=Yes. Within RANW MLS, Limited Service applies only to the items marked A through G at the bottom of this form; if any service (A through G) is not being provided by the listing agent/company, the listing is considered Limited Service=Yes. If all services (A through G) are being provided, the listing is Limited Service=No and this form is not needed.

Auction Form - Required form to be attached as a PDF Document to an Auction listing in Paragon. Additional rules apply; please see the RANW MLS Rules and Regulations for complete information.

Completing Your Listing:

Optional Forms to Include with your Listing:

Additional Information to Assist with Completing Your Listing