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Easy Guide to Data Feeds

RANW MLS: Guide to Data Access (including IDX) for Firms/Offices
This information is intended to guide member companies of RANW MLS in knowing where their listings are shared via MLS settings, and what types of data access options companies have for internal and/or external use. Additional information can be found on the RANW website, in the data agreement, and in the RANW MLS Rules & Regulations.

Please contact Diana Knoke at RANW if there are questions about data feeds: or 920-739-9108.

Where does RANW MLS send my listings automatically?
By default, member listings are shared with (per NAR membership) for public view, RPR: Realtors Property Resource (per NAR membership) for view by Realtor members of WIREX participating MLSs only, and with IDX, the Internet Data Exchange, for public view on member websites.

Member companies can also choose to share their company listings with any vendor they choose. RANW MLS has worked with vendor partners such as Showing Time and ListHub to make it easy for our member companies to syndicate their listings and utilize their services. Please see the section on Firm-Specific Data Access below.


What is IDX, and how do I use that as a member of RANW MLS?
IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange, and is used to provide data for a listing search on a member company or member agent website (agents with company approval only). IDX data includes all listings that are shared with IDX.

  • IDX Choices: RANW MLS Data or WIREX Data (WIREX data includes RANW data) via LINK or RETS data feed.

An IDX LINK request would give a member links that can be used on their website. These links are simple HTML links that, when clicked, open a search screen that a visitor to the website can use to search for listings.

From the results of this search, “short” displays with minimal info plus “detail” displays with more data are provided. (For RANW MLS LINK requests, only the My Listings links by property type open directly to listing information, and the “My” options reflect only the MLS Participant’s listings. There is no link that automatically shows the entire company’s listings.) The only options for editing links are to change the color scheme, company logo, and some search fields.

IDX data access via RETS is set up so that a website vendor can log into Paragon’s servers and pull data for the member company website. The vendor also must design and program search options and display options that conform with RANW MLS IDX Rules (section 20 of the RANW MLS Rules & Regulations), and update the information at least once every 12 hours. Data Access options include only Active and Pending listings and/or only Sold listings. Member firms can choose one or both; Agents may only include Active and Pending listings on their IDX website.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DISCUSS CHOICES WITH YOUR VENDOR. Set-up fees cannot be refunded. No programming code is provided with RETS data.

Data Access Request Forms must be completed and signed by all parties (company, data vendor, website designer) and returned as a PDF attachment to an email to, or by FAX: 920-739-9149.


What is Firm-Specific Data Access, and how does that work?
Firm-Specific data access includes a member company’s listings, including branch offices if applicable. This type of data option allows a member company to syndicate their listings with any vendor they choose.

RANW MLS’s Vendor partners Showing Time and ListHub have individualized data access request forms (see details below); firm-specific data access for other vendors would use the Firm/Office Data Access request forms.

Data Access Request Forms must be completed and signed by all parties (company broker/manager, data vendor, website designer) and returned as a PDF attachment to an email to, or by FAX: 920-739-9149.


Vendor Partner – Firm Specific: Showing Time
There is no automatic default showing service provided via RANW MLS. Listings in Paragon do have a “schedule a showing” link that will send a showing request email to the listing agent, but unless the company participates in Showing Time’s program the “schedule a showing” link does not link to Showing Time’s showing scheduling service.

If a member firm would like to use Showing Time as their showing service, the company must first contact Showing Time directly to learn about their services, features, and costs.

Showing Time: Phone: 800-380-4008 Email:

Once the member firm decides on a Showing Time package, Showing Time will provide RANW MLS’s Showing Time data request form with the vendor portion already completed. Once the member company completes their portion of the form, return it as a PDF attachment to an email to, or by FAX: 920-739-9149. Set-up and monthly fees are invoiced on the monthly RANW MLS billing.

  • Cost for firm-specific data feed to Showing Time: $50 set-up fee plus $10 per month


Vendor Partner – Homesnap Showings

MLS Participants who choose to sign up and pay a onetime set-up fee for their company will see a Homesnap showing service icon on their listings within Paragon. The Homesnap Pro App would also contain a Showings tab that can be used to set up showings. (Note: Currently, Homesnap Pro does not provide access to Home Inspectors to schedule appointments.) How does it work?

Cost: $50 set-up fee with no monthly charges. The one-time fee will be added to the monthly MLS billing.

Sign-up Form and Information: Click Here

Only one showing service may be used in Paragon at a time. Don't have a Homesnap Pro account yet? Homesnap Pro (the app) is part of your MLS service through the RANW MLS Paragon system at no additional fee. Learn more about Homesnap Pro by clicking here


Vendor Partner – Firm Specific: ListHub
ListHub is a listing syndication service. If a member company wishes to syndicate their listings through ListHub, use ListHub’s website to register for their services and choose your options. Then, complete and return the RANW MLS data agreement to request a firm-specific data feed that provides the company’s listings to ListHub for syndication. Both steps must be completed.

Complete and sign the form and return it as a PDF attachment to an email to, or by FAX: 920-739-9149. Set-up and monthly fees are invoiced on the monthly RANW MLS billing.

  • Cost for firm-specific data feed to ListHub: $50 set-up fee plus $10 per month


Forms for other Company data options:

What are these other data access options and how are they used?

  • VOW: A VOW is an online brokerage website that complies with detailed requirements of VOW policies as defined by the National Association of REALTORS and as outlined in the RANW MLS Rules & Regulations, Section 21. Like IDX, VOWs are used to provide data on member websites. Please review the rules of IDX and VOW, and make sure you have discussed both with your vendor before submitting a data feed request.
  • A Back Office MLS Replication is a replication of the MLS database via RETS for use ONLY with in-office applications. The MLS replicated database may not be redistributed for any other use, may not be used on a website, and is subject to any and all MLS Rules & Regulations governing use of MLS data.
  • The Voice / Text / Mobile Application data feed would be used for mobile products, such as apps. Voice/Text/Mobile Data Exports are available to member firms as well as agents. These feeds include Active listings only.
  • AVM Automated Valuation Model: An automated valuation model or similar service using mathematical modeling combined with RANW MLS Data and possibly other data. An AVM need not include any human judgment or analysis. “AVM” includes broker price opinions (BPOs) and comparative (or comparable) market analyses (CMAs) to the extent they satisfy this definition. AVM data access request forms are found here:

What’s the difference between RANW MLS data and WIREX data?
WIREX (Wisconsin Real Estate Exchange) allows RANW MLS member companies to access listing information from not only RANW MLS, but also from: Metro (Milwaukee), Central (Mosinee), South Central (Madison), Superior Area, Northwestern Wisconsin, Marinette, Western Wisconsin, La Crosse, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Rock-Green, Ozaukee, Lakes Area, Racine, and Southshore MLSs in a WIREX data feed. WIREX data access options are available to RANW MLS member Companies only; they are not available for Agents.


Please call and discuss your data access options with Diana Knoke at RANW MLS: 920-707-9908.