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Seller Suite

September 1, 2022, Seller Suite replaced Homebot. Homebot will no longer be supported in Paragon after August 2023.

Black Knight Seller Suite’s home report provides an outstanding landing page for lead generation. The new report only provides information that will help the agent generate business, no more requests to refinance. Lastly, the new tool is less expensive and allows your agents to use it for an unlimited set of contacts.

We expect to offer your agents the ability to sign up for a “free” trial like we provided for Homebot. While Homebot has been successful, our new Seller Suite is a proven technology that is used by some of the largest brokers in the country.

We will be providing more information about Seller Suite in the near future and the integration points that we will be adding to Paragon. We will also offer Webinars to your members who did sign up for Homebot through Paragon to discuss these changes.

-Black Knight MLS

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