There is no automatic default showing service provided via RANW MLS. Listings in Paragon do have a “schedule a showing” link that will send a showing request email to the listing agent, but unless the company participates in Showing Time’s program the “schedule a showing” link does not link to Showing Time’s showing scheduling service.

How RANW MLS Members can apply for this OPTIONAL Service: If a member firm would like to use Showing Time as their showing service, the company must first contact Showing Time directly to learn about their services, features, and costs.

  • Once the member firm decides on a Showing Time package, Showing Time will provide RANW MLS’s Showing Time data request form with the vendor portion already completed.
  • Once the member company completes their portion of the form, return it as a PDF attachment to an email to, or by FAX: 920-739-9149.
  • RANW MLS data feed set-up and monthly fees are invoiced on the monthly MLS billing.
  • The firm's cost for Showing Time's services is billed through Showing Time.
  • RANW MLS charge for firm-specific data feed to Showing Time: $50 set-up fee plus $10 per month.

Showing Time Website:  Phone: 800-380-4008  Email:

The information below has been shared by Showing Time:

Benefits for Agents

  • Generate more showings on your listings with the “Schedule a Showing” button next to your listing.
  • Easy Scheduling
  • The “Schedule a Showing” button is always on, saving you time, reducing calls and eliminating phone tag.
  • Eliminate Surprises
  • Block out times your listing is unavailable and give your sellers the ability to manage requests via the mobile app.
  • Plan Multiple Showings
  • The ShowingCart® feature allows buyer’s agents to schedule and organize multiple showings at once.

Benefits for Brokers

  • An added convenience that makes the showing scheduling process easier for your staff, your agents and their clients.
  • Reduce Calls
  • Configure each listing’s availability so buyer’s agents know when it can be shown, and can submit requests any time.
  • Reporting Tools
  • Reports include Agent Activity, Listing Activity, Target Market Analysis, Office Activity and more.
  • Automated Feedback
  • Feedback is automatically requested after each showing, with up to three follow-up reminders for buyer’s agents.

Benefits for MLS

  • Provide better service to members by enabling them to schedule showings through MLS website 24/7.
  • More Showings
  • Members receive more showings with the “Schedule a Showing” button available 24/7.
  • Monthly Reports
  • MLS managers and leadership have access to monthly reports highlighting market activity, trend data and more.
  • Enhanced Options
  • Upgrades available include customizable feedback, two-way texting, text-to-voice calls, extra reporting and more.

Sign up for ShowingTime by contacting ShowingTime directly. They will supply RANW MLS with the forms needed to integrate this service with the MLS. Learn more HERE.

Once access is granted, simply tap the ShowingTimebutton on the Paragon MLS listing to schedule a showing.

Easy Guide to Data Feeds

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M-F 8:00am-8:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-5:00pm CST
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