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LIM Program: What Companies Need to Know

What is LIM and How Does it Work?

Listing Input and Maintenance (LIM) is an optional service of RANW MLS that allows MLS Participating companies to enter and edit their own MLS listings through the Paragon program. Participation in LIM is at the discretion of the participating company broker/manager and applies to all listings for that company.

Company Responsibilities:

  • Participating company managers will want to inform their agents/staff of the LIM/MLS Rules, ensure that the agents/staff have been trained, and review individual company policies before allowing their agents/staff to enter or maintain listings in Paragon.
  • Participating LIM companies will inform MLS Membership when new agents/staff have been trained and authorize access to LIM.
  • When a company participates in LIM, all the company's listings must be entered and maintained through the LIM program, regardless of whether the individual listing agent has LIM access. Management or administrative staff with their higher security level can enter/maintain listings for those agents who have not yet been authorized for LIM access.

Every person who will be using LIM must complete training. Paragon's Online Academy (the short program required for new agent access to Paragon upon joining MLS) includes very basic LIM instruction and does not qualify a member to be granted LIM access. RANW MLS's recorded webinar (link can be found below) provides LIM instruction and qualifies members for LIM access. Offices can train their own agents/staff as well.

Recorded webinar link

How Companies Can Join the LIM Program:

Company LIM Access:

  • A company must be a member of RANW MLS for a minimum of 30 days before applying for LIM access.
  • Member companies can choose how they wish to implement LIM in their office: whether to grant LIM access to all agents, or whether to have only management and administrative staff granted access (agents would turn in completed data sheets to their own office to have mgmt/staff input the listings, make changes, close listings).
  • All agents/staff who will be granted access to LIM when the company access is granted will need to be trained. It is recommended that this happen in the few days prior to requesting company access so that the information is fresh. If questions remain, please contact Diana Knoke at RANW MLS for assistance.
  • After watching the webinar and reviewing the information found in the LIM section of the RANW website, the MLS Participant must complete the LIM Office Participation Form and return it to Cheryl Dreger in RANW's Membership Dept.
  • Upon receipt of the completed LIM Office Participation Form, LIM access will be granted within 2 business days. Agent Access: For companies that use LIM, requesting LIM access for a new agent is as easy as sending an email to Cheryl Dreger in RANW's Membership Dept. ( Remember that all agents must be trained - either by the office, or by viewing the webinar and the additional information found on the RANW website.

How Listing Maintenance Works (general information):

New Listings:

  • Using LIM, members enter data for a new listing directly into Paragon and save it to an Unconfirmed listing visibility. All required information and supporting documentation must be provided, and all timelines met just as it is with submitting MLS data sheets.
  • With new listings, the Listing Contract must be uploaded as an Associated Document the same business day that the listing is entered. (If the listing contract is not yet available, the listing should be saved as a Partial listing.)
  • After the Listing Contract is uploaded, and the listing information is pulled into the iChecker program, MLS Data Compliance staff will review the listing, comparing various fields with the Listing Contract, and "confirm" the listing so that it will appear as a new listing on Paragon's Market Monitor, and be available to MLS members in searches and Collab Center prospect carts.
  • All listings are processed on a first-in, first-out basis during regular RANW business hours. If there are errors or missing required information on a listing, Data Compliance staff will contact the listing agent/office and request corrections. Once those corrections are made and/or missing information provided, the listing will be processed by the timestamp of the correction on a first-in, first-out basis.

Changes to Existing Listings:

  • Using LIM, members retrieve their listing data and make changes to the listing. All required information and supporting documentation must be provided and all timelines met.
  • If a contract amendment is required to support the data change, the amendment must be uploaded as an Associated Document immediately after the change is made to the listing data. (If the contract amendment is not available, do not make the change in LIM.)
  • Upon saving the changes, the new information will be "live" in Paragon immediately.
  • Per MLS Rules and Regulations, Status changes (including Offer Statuses) must be made within 24 hours.

Closing Listings/Reporting Solds:

  • In LIM, all listings must be entered into a Pending status before they can be entered as Sold.
  • The proper sequence would be for a listing to be edited from Active to Active with one of the Offer Status options (accepted offer with or without a bump clause) until all contingencies to the offer have been met.
  • Once all contingencies have been met, when no showings or other offers will be accepted, the listing is put into the Pending status.
  • The Sold Days on Market is based on the calculation of List Date to Pending Date.
  • If the sale falls through, a listing can be taken from the Pending status and put Back on Market.
  • If the sale is completed, the closing information would be entered in LIM to take the listing from the Pending status to a Sold status.
  • Per MLS Rules and Regulations, Status changes must be made within 24 hours.
  • Please note: backdating a pending date to manipulate the DOM will not be allowed.

The iCheck Data Checker Program:

An automated tool has been added on the "back end" of the MLS database to check certain data fields and documents as part of the process of confirming a listing or reviewing listing changes. This tool, known as the iChecker, will alert members to any questionable or missing information. Depending on the alert, members may receive a courtesy notice (which does not necessarily require action on the member's part) or an alert of a data violation, which may escalate and result in a monetary fine if not corrected.

The iChecker runs hourly, refreshing new listings with uploaded listing contracts for Data Compliance review and confirmation. For new listings to have a possibility of being confirmed the same business day that it was entered, the listing contract must be uploaded before the 4 p.m. iChecker update begins.

Supporting Documentation and Training:

Paragon Connect's Listing Input and Maintenance Help Site

Recorded Webinar from RANW MLS:

Listing Input and Maintenance, as presented by Gary Arnett, one of Paragon's trainers, in December 2023. Viewing this 1 hour webinar, along with review of all of the information/links found on this page will qualify a company and its agents for LIM access. LIM Video 

Data Sheets include help tips, explanations, and rules reminders that – when used by LIM offices for listing entry – reduce the number and occurrence of errors when saving the listing. All members are strongly encouraged to use the data sheets to gather listing information before entering the listing into LIM.

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